financialaidGreat Oak School believes tuition assistance plays a major role in contributing to the success and health of the school. We strive to provide accessibility for all qualified students who seek an education inspired by Waldorf.

Families with students in Early Childhood through 4th grade are eligible for tuition assistance.

Here is an information guide from TADS with Parent Instructions and Answers to FAQs:
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Here is a worksheet to help you prepare to apply for Tuition Assistance:
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Tuition Assistance Process

Awards are considered by the Tuition Assistance Committee (TAC).  TAC strives to meet each applying family’s financial need to the greatest extent possible, as well as to allocate funds to the greatest number of qualifying families. In return, we ask that families receiving tuition assistance make Waldorf education a financial priority and demonstrate a willingness to pay to the maximum extent of their financial capability. Putting these principles into practice requires judgment and sensitivity on the part of both the school and each family. It involves making hard choices, as resources are limited. All information submitted to the TAC will remain confidential and be given full and fair consideration.

The on-line service TADS standardizes the tuition adjustment application process and will support a healthy balance of awards.